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Chris Tarrant calls Christian

Quite literally, ex-Capital Radio breakfast presenter Chris Tarrant rang Christian O'Connell on the Virgin Radio breakfast show saying that the Virgin host is rather good.

He called the studio as part of the Who's Calling Christian promotion, just after the RAJAR figures were announced last Thursday.

Tarrant left a message saying:

'Hello Christian, it's Chris Tarrant here. You remember me, I used to work in Capital Radio, the same bloody building as you. Apparently if I leave you this message some bloke, who has just come up and really bugged me in some shop in Kingston, apparently he gets the chance to win £10,000, I appear to get sod all for this but it's because I'm a very very nice man. You're rather good on Virgin breakfast by the way. Take care, bye.'

On the back of this phone call Virgin Radio have had six-sheet posters made up with Chris Tarrant's quote on it which will be going in over 400 sites in London and the South today, in a deal booked through PrimeSight.

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