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Major marketing for Capital

The first new marketing campaign in 18 months for Capital Radio London kicks off on Monday, based around a new on-air promotion named "Who's Doing Who?"

The campaign aims to address brand perception, drive new listeners and create talk ability and intrigue around the on-air competition.

The campaign marks the beginning of a continuous marketing drive for the station from October onwards and comprises a number of creative executions which will run across multi-media platforms.

The campaign includes: A heavy weight six sheet campaign, print advertising in The London Paper and Metro, online advertising on GEO targeted gossip, community and entertainment sites including Time Out, My Space, Handbag, Msn, Channel 4 and Orange plus a mix of heavy weight ambient, street and viral activity to give depth to the communication messages and to generate talk-ability. The below the line activity includes distribution of 500, 000 handwritten notes via Capital Radio’s promotional crew at mainline stations, 5000 Lipstick Mirror Art at key locations across London, 10,000 match books distributed in bars, 10,000 street stickers and 200 legal fly posters.

Steve Orchard, Operations Director for GCap Comments: “After several months of revitalisation Capital Radio is now at a stage where we can begin marketing again. We have bottomed out the decline and are confident we can build from this point on. This is the first stage of a much larger marketing campaign commitment. We are expecting to see positive results throughout 2007. “

Jim Cruickshank, Group Marketing Director for GCap, says: “Capital’s marketing activity needs to help rebuild its relationship with Londoners. As such, we are pursuing an integrated, multi-media approach designed to engage Londoners and drive trial.”

The on-air promotion “Who’s Doing Who”, involves well known recording artists singing other artists songs. Listeners are subsequently asked to identify the recording artist and to guess whose song they are singing. The promotion will launch on 9th October and will run for approx 4-6 weeks with a prize fund of £100K.

Paul Biggins, CEO of Dialogue DLKW, says: “Capital has adapted its offering to reflect changing listener needs — however, ex-listeners remain unaware of these changes. The ‘Who’s Doing Who’ campaign aims to give a surprising and compelling reason to re-visit Capital Radio”.

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