More listeners for GMG Radio

GMG Radio has reported an all time record reach across its established Real Radio and smooth fm brands with the group now attracting 3.1 million adult listeners per week.

But whilst Real Radio continues to grow, Smooth FM in London continues to lose listeners.

Figures for the London station are down, with just 1 per-cent of London listening, and 2222 total hours, compared to 2.1 per-cent and 4378 total hours last quarter.

Success for Scotland’s Real Radio which has achieved an all time high with a record reach of 736,000 adult listeners each week. Listener loyalty is especially strong resulting in 9.3 million hours per week – an increase of almost one million quarter on quarter.

In the Northwest, 100.4 Smooth FM retains its title of the most listened to commercial radio station and records its highest ever reach of 687,000 adult listeners each week. Since the launch of the service in 2004 the station has more than doubled both its reach and total hours of listening. Century FM, also now owned by GMG is just 3000 listeners ahead with 690,000 listeners each week.

The group’s five regional stations (not including the Century brand) and digital operations continue to show strong listener loyalty with more listeners and more listening hours than ever before. The group’s total listening hours now hit a record 29.2 million per week.

GMG Radio’s Chief Executive John Myers said: “The group has performed well this quarter and has seen some significant increases. We look forward to adding our newly acquired stations next quarter and really putting the show on the road”.

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