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BBC Radio to promote Digital TV

BBC local radio stations across the UK are to run promo trails for the corporations new marketing campaign for Digital Access.

The trails are already running on BBC TV with the tag 'do you do digital' – and will start on all BBC analogue radio networks from Saturday (25 November).

David Bainbridge, Head of Marketing, Communications and Audiences, New Media & Digital, said: "This is the first time we have developed a single campaign idea to drive the take-up of digital tv and radio in the UK and which is flexible enough to take us all the way up to switchover.

"It's rooted in real life situations, showcases the breadth of content on BBC digital channels and utilises humour to appeal to a diverse audience who have so far resisted the move to digital.

"We need people to recognise that getting into the digital world is an easy and inexpensive step and hopefully this campaign will make that clear."

The primary purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness of how much audiences can get from the BBC if they convert to digital. The secondary purpose is to drive take-up of digital television and DAB digital radio.

"We're targeting the remaining 30% of homes that have not converted to Digital TV and the 45% of the population who haven't bought into digital radio yet," said Bainbridge.

This campaign complements Digital UK’s ongoing TV and Radio campaign which runs until Christmas Day. As part of this, on 13 November, Digital UK launched a national press campaign to promote the Digital SwitchKit.

The SwitchKit consists of a digital box, an aerial check (if needed), installation of the box and a home demonstration of how to use it.

Meanwhile, Freeview's Free TV Land TV advertising campaign, which started on 9 November, runs for three and a half weeks until 9 December in the Granada region.

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