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CMA agrees deal with BBC

The Community Media Association has reached an agreement with BBC English Regions which encourages current and future creative work between community media groups and the BBC.

The deal promises to deliver a richer experience for listeners, viewers and web users.

Phil Shepherd, Chair of the Community Media Association said, “The CMA and its members are committed to access to the media by individuals and communities as a way of achieving lasting and positive social change. We have been encouraged by the diverse local partnerships currently developing between local community media projects and BBC staff. We hope that, by working together, the BBC and the CMA will be able to offer important opportunities to local communities. We look forward to working together in an equal partnership which has benefits to local communities at its heart.”

Andy Griffee, Controller for BBC English Regions said, “I welcome this Memorandum of understanding between the CMA and BBC English Regions. The spirit of co-operation in which we have drawn up this agreement recognises that both parties bring different traditions and backgrounds to the table — but that we should be considered as equal partners. The BBC does not view the Community Media Association — or individual on-air projects by CMA members — as a threat or competition, and we have many common aims and objectives in our ambitions to serve local communities. Indeed we have welcomed the arrival of community radio, in which communities make their own radio content, as an exciting and important addition to the broadcast landscape which can only enrich local lives.”

Jaqui Devereux, Acting Director of the Community Media Association said, “I look forward to maximising the opportunities available in this mutually beneficial partnership which adds a new dimension to public service broadcasting through the collaborative efforts of the Community Media sector and the BBC.”

The agreement creates a new strategic framework between BBC English Regions & CMA to share on-going changes in the BBC and CMA broadcasting landscape, to monitor and share best practice between CMA projects and local BBC stations and act as “clearing house” and central point of contact to seek any internal BBC or CMA support that may be required. It acknowledges current levels of engagement between Community Media Projects and the BBC and aims for a level of mutual trust and understanding between Community Media Project Editors and BBC Editors. Finally, the agreement sets standards for working together with advice on planning, sharing information, feedback, monitoring and evaluation and adopts best practice guidelines as set out by the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) in their National Standards for Community Engagement.

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