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Community Radio for Wiltshire

The first community radio station in Wiltshire has started broadcasting this week, dedicated to the Tidworth area.

Castledown Radio also covers surrounding towns and villages such as Bulford Camp, and Shipton Bellinger.

Station Manager Baz Reilly is delighted with the new sound: "This is quite literally a ‘fantastic’ day for everyone. It has taken several years to get here and an incredible amount of hard work by many people".

Baz Reilly has also worked hard to get the station off the ground:

“Most of all I am pleased for our volunteers, without whom we could not operate. They have worked extremely hard to provide the Internet service over the past eighteen months and I know they are as thrilled as I am that we are now broadcasting on FM; providing a quality radio service, which will serve the community like no other station can".

Registered users can discuss this in our regional radio discussion forum by clicking [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/e107_plugins/forum/forum.php]here[/link].

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