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FM reception for Tyne Tunnel

Bosses at the Tyne Tunnel want to raise sixty-five thousand pounds to install special aerials at either end of the tunnel, so that drivers can listen to the radio during their journey.

The service is hoped to be installed in the next few months, and will include a break-in microphone for emergency Tunnel announcements.

Tyne Tunnel manager Peter Hedley told the Shields Gazette: "Basically, this would be another customer service we can offer to people using the tunnel. The technology is not really rocket science and would involve another aerial being clamped on to the roof of the tunnel from north to south. There would be a break-in microphone device, so that we could interrupt radio programmes to tell people about problems in the tunnel, or even how to self-rescue."

The new system would be able to transmit up to 13 FM stations and three AM stations. Any station looking to be included in the line-up should contact Tyne Tunnel bosses by November 15th.

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