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New imaging for GaydarRadio

Digital station GaydarRadio is set to launch a fresh new station imaging package produced by the Radio Production Company.

As part of its repositioning, GaydarRadio adopts a new tag, Passionate About Music, which is supplemented by an entirely new range of idents and jingles which are based around Funk.

It's the first new package for the first time since it went on air nearly five years ago and reflects GaydaRadio’s move towards a more youthful and upbeat playlist and sound.

Robin Crowley, Programme Controller, said: “Our new imaging reflects just how much gay music remains at the leading edge of dance music trends. When we first started out we were primarily a middle of the road pop station playing just about everything from Streisand to Elton John.

“Nowadays however, gay music has moved substantially away from disco and pop towards funky house music, which makes up the core of our playlist today, together with commercial electro and the gay end of pop.”

Registered users can discuss this in our regional radio discussion forum by clicking [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/e107_plugins/forum/forum.php]here[/link].

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