Pure launches three new radios

Pure Digital are launching three new DAB Digital Radio sets today at the What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision show in London.

Prices for the new devices range from a portable £70 to a luxury £350 model. They are the EVOKE-1XT Marshall Edition, Legato II and Élan DX40.

Full product details are listed below:

[b]PURE's EVOKE-1XT Marshall Edition[/b]
[i]The EVOKE-1XT Marshall Edition DAB digital radio combines the award winning quality of PURE's EVOKE-1 XT radio with the legendary style of Marshall Amplification to deliver the ultimate in rock radio from Planet Rock. EVOKE-1XT Marshall Edition is wrapped in black vinyl, just like a Marshall amp, with solid wood construction, brass-effect control panel and a black metallic speaker grille. The fierce red on black display features adjustable brightness and of course the volume dial goes up to 11!

For max sound quality the EVOKE-1XT Marshall Edition has an integrated full range hi-fi speaker and features a bass reflex port for enhanced bass performance alongside a custom designed 3" drive unit and active-filters to provide a natural 'direct-from-the-studio' sound. EVOKE-1XT Marshall Edition costs around £99.99 (inc. VAT).[/i]

[b]Legato II[/b]
[i]Legato II is a luxury micro system that looks as remarkable as it sounds and for around £349.99 (inc. VAT). Legato was the first DAB micro system where equal attention had been given to the looks as well as the performance. Legato II is set to build on that success by adding new finishes, must-have features like electronic programme guide, DAB recording, Intellitext(tm) and ReVu(tm), and significant audio enhancements. With its sleek lines, leading-edge hi-fi performance and the warm tactile appeal of wood, Legato II stands out a mile from the hi-fi crowd."

Available in classic cherry veneer; cool, modern maple veneer; or stunning high-lacquer piano black, Legato II comes as standard with matching speakers. These feature custom-wound drive units and expertly tuned second-order crossovers delivering 30W RMS per channel of class leading audio. Legato II is also available as a centre console unit without speakers.

Intellitext automatically stores news headlines, sports results, and more so the information is available anytime**. ReVu(tm) technology means that interruptions no longer spoil radio listening – users just pause live DAB radio, or rewind if they've missed something.[/i]

[b]Élan DX40[/b]
[i]Élan DX40 is a modern lightweight portable radio that sounds as good as it looks. Élan DX40's stylish silver finish holds completely new internal electronics using the very latest components for enhanced functionality and performance – all at an affordable price of just £69.99 (inc. VAT). This new model replaces the original Élan, the one-time best selling low-cost DAB radio, but adds a host of new features such as textSCAN(tm), Intellitext(tm), RDS, USB upgradeability, and support for a rechargeable battery pack.[/i]

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