Tony Blair calls Christian

Prime Minister Tony Blair made a surprise phone call to Christian O'Connell's Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio this morning.

The PM rang after charity campaigner Graham Marsh asked him to give the station a call, as it could win him and a chosen charity ten thousand pounds each.

If he wins, Mr Marsh plans to donate his cash to the two charities he supports – the Freemans Heart and Lung Transplant Association and the Tyne Youth and Community Centre, both in Newcastle upon Tyne. Mr Marsh, from North Shields, received a heart transplant in 1999.

Other stars who have called the competition hotline include Chris Tarrant, Liam Gallagher, Rod Stewart and Jack Black.

Mr Blair began by telling the programme: "Probably nothing in my career has prepared me for this." When O'Connell asked if he should be referred to as The Right Honourable Tony Blair, the Prime Minister replied: "Refer to me any way you like as long as it's reasonably polite! Tony will do fine.''

The phone call ended with Christian asking Tony to choose his favourite song from the 80s. He wanted U2, with Where The Streets Have No Name.

Christian O'Connell said he was shocked the Prime Minister had called in, saying: "I thought someone was pulling my leg."

The winner will be announced at 8am on Monday.

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