Google starts testing radio ads

Google has started testing their long-awaited radio advertising service on more than 700 radio stations in America. Google hopes to eventually help over 2000 radio stations sell advertising, for which it will charge a commission.

Customers can buy Audio Ads in the same style as online AdWords system. The beta test of Google Audio Ads is the first live radio system since Google acquired dMarc Broadcasting in early 2006 for over $100 million.

"We're happy to announce that the integration is now complete and we've recently begun a U.S. beta test of Google Audio Ads with a small group of AdWords advertisers," Google said.

The radio industry is watching Google to see just exactly what their long terms plans are, with a merger or buy-out of a major radio player the hot topic of conversation.

Google Audio Ads are only available to a small set of selected advertisers. It is not yet known when the service will be more widely available.

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