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More Ipswich news for Town 102

Town 102, the new local radio station for Ipswich is boasting complete coverage of recent events by providing extra news to local residents, whilst Tindle Radio Chief Executive Kevin Stewart has blasted the BBC for not providing local programming during the unfolding of the recent horrific events.

Town 102’s local news room is staffed 24 hours a day which is impressive for a local commercial radio station. Town 102's response on the evening was even more impressive as staff were enjoying the Tindle Radio Christmas Party at Trinity Park that evening. The on-duty reporter paged the entire team who rushed to continue all night coverage from outside Zest nightclub.

David Rees, Programme Controller says: “I know how upsetting these events have been for everyone involved. The Town 102 news team is committed to bringing the best news service to Ipswich and we have today committed to extra resources for our 24 hour news team in covering these stories. As the only radio station broadcasting live to Ipswich, 24 hours a day, we know that we have a duty to report the latest developments whatever time they occur, day or night. That's why we are adding additional news bulletins and live reports from Suffolk Police HQ to our schedule while this situation continues.”

Kevin Stewart, Chief Executive of Tindle Radio says: “I’m very proud of what our Town 102 news team has achieved, especially as they chose to leave our Group’s Christmas party celebrations to make sure Ipswich people got proper coverage of these horrific events. This shows that Tindle Radio’s commitment to news and journalism really does make a difference. It also makes me question why the BBC should receive so much money in licence fees from Ipswich residents, when the town is turning to Town 102 — the new local commercial radio station – to find out what is happening.”

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