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Moyles jingle salary boost

Chris Moyles is topping up his six figure salary with an extra £75,000 – just for playing his jingles. The 32 year old Radio 1 breakfast host is reportedly getting £15 royalties per play – because he writes the lyrics. Last year he played them 5,000 times.

One jingle brags "Chris Moyles on Radio 1…He ain't good-looking but hey, he's rich". Previous reports from leaked BBC figures showed Moyles earns £630,000 a year for his breakfast show.

Chris composes the quirky sung jingles with production firm Music 4. The Performing Right Society then charges the BBC £15 a time and passes it on to him.

John Whittingdale, head of the Commons Culture select committee, told The Mirror: "The BBC is already paying him a hefty salary and he is able to earn even more at the touch of a button. There seems to be a clear conflict of interests here and it seems completely inappropriate."

A Radio 1 spokesman said: "He writes jingles and receives payment when they are played. This is completely legitimate. But we refute any suggestion that he is playing them more frequently."

And a BBC governors' spokeswoman added: "Chris Moyles would be subject to editorial guidelines, which he would have to adhere to."

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