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Town 102 broadcasts to East Anglia

Earlier this week Ipswich’s own local radio station Town 102 FM committed to extending our live 24 hour local news in reaction to listener requests for extra information on the Ipswich Murders. The station did this by extending their flagship nightly news programme, Town Tonight to one hour each evening.

With the latest developments and the growing relevance and connections to adjacent areas of Essex and Norfolk, last night the news team extended “Town Tonight” across sister stations 99.9 Radio Norwich; Dream 100 in North Essex/South Suffolk; 103.4 & 97.4 The Beach in Lowestoft & Great Yarmouth; Dream 107.7 in Mid-Essex; and 96.2 & 103.2 North Norfolk Radio.

Mark Franklin, Tindle Radio’s Group Programme Controller said: “We’ve invested heavily in highly localised news programming on our East Anglia radio stations. With the world’s media focussed on our region, we feel that we need to extend our impressive and high quality coverage beyond the Ipswich area. Our team will reflect the feelings and concerns of people who, like us, live here in East Anglia with sensitivity and understanding that you would expect from a radio company that has based its operations here.”

Kevin Stewart, Chief Executive of Tindle Radio said: “The Town 102 news team in Ipswich have been working tirelessly around the clock this week to bring Ipswich the facts, without sensationalism and to cover developments first. We know how difficult this week has been for the families of the murdered girls and, indeed, for many people across our area. My team promise to continue to bring our area the best coverage of this horrific story and we won’t stop when the murderer is brought to justice. We know the hurt caused will take time to heal. Our stations will be here for the people of Ipswich and East Anglia as a forum for expression of feeling for as long as people need us.”

Town 102 has teamed up with Boswell Printers in Ipswich and had “Staying Safe in Suffolk” cards made up which are a handy size to fit in purses.

Town 102 is also handing out Attack Alarms throughout Ipswich.

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