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Viking keeps the prize money

The four people accused of cheating on the Viking FM Mystery Voices competition will not face criminal charges, but the station will keep the 22 thousand pounds prize money because the radio station believes its terms and conditions were breached.

A station employee, a police officer and two are members of North Yorkshire Police support staff were bailed in September 2006 pending further inquiries into allegations about the jackpot. Now all charges have been dropped, but the prize money has been forfeited and Viking plans to offer it in another competition.

Mike Bawden, Viking FM managing director told The Press: "After a detailed investigation by North Yorkshire Police, carried out with the full support of this radio station, we are satisfied that a considerable doubt remains that our competition terms and conditions were not fully complied with.

"We strongly believe it is in the interests of our listeners and the integrity of the station that any forfeited prize money will be made available to the listening public in a free-to-enter competition."

North Yorkshire Police spokesman Ron Johnson told The Press: "The file was submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service and after due consideration the decision has been made to take no further action in respect of criminal proceedings against any of the four people involved."

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