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WRN behind Radio Music Shop

The radio station that sells everything it plays is getting ready to launch on Sky digital with the help of WRN. The transmission company's providing uplink to, and capacity on, the Eurobird satellite. Radio Music Shop is the world's first "retail radio" station.

Listeners are able to buy the albums played on the station by making a phone call, sending a text message or ordering online.

The station has set up shop on Sky channel 0208, and can also be heard on Freeview channel 729 — with plans to roll out onto DAB and mobiles in 2007.

Sonita Alleyne, Managing Director of Radio Music Shop, told RadioToday.co.uk: “WRN has an exemplary track record of transmission solutions, and we’re extremely pleased to be working with them to bring Radio Music Shop to the Sky platform. Their skill and experience has enabled Radio Music Shop to access millions more potential customers via Sky digital”.

Richard Jacobs, WRN’s Business Development Manager told us: “WRN has worked closely with Radio Music Shop to bring this highly innovative radio station into the homes of over 8 million people with its launch on Sky digital using WRN’s comprehensive satellite services.”

For more information about the station, visit [link=http://www.radiomusicshop.com]Radio Music Shop[/link]

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