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Commercial radio must unite

That is the message after the first RadioCentre conference of 2007, which took place in London today, introduced by Paul Brown. The digital future of radio and audio was the main topic conversation, whilst working out how commercial radio can bridge the gap on BBC listening.

Representatives from most radio groups attended, with contributions from leading industry figures such as Ralph Bernard, Richard Park and John Myers.

Some highlights from the day included:

[i][b]Networking is good, if only to help our relationship with the music industry

Commercial Radio should spend more investment on talent

We still aren't sure if the future is DAB, DRM or even L band

A consultation is to be launched by Ofcom to work out what to do with FM once licences are due for renewal

The BBC Director of nations and regions Pat Loughrey is keen on the BBC's move away from a London bias

Commercial Radio shouldn't be afraid to stop the music and include more interesting speech

Local Radio has a unique selling point which national stations can never match – local content

Virgin Radio has a great new toy on their website, which knows if you like Madness, or not.

And Richard Park really didn't like John Myers presentation.[/b][/i]

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