Community Radio for Somerset

A new community radio station serving Wiveliscombe, Milverton and their surrounding parishes in Somerset will launch before the end of the year, after Ofcom awarded 10Radio a community radio licence today. The station, set up in 2005 has operated two RSL licences in the area.

Last year 10Radio featured over 200 presenters, involved over 100 volunteers and interviewed in excess of 100 local businesses, organisations and personalities. Following this success 10Radio submitted a 140 page application to Ofcom for a community radio licence.

Local resident Julian Mellor, who is a Director and co-founder of 10Radio, said "This is fantastic news, it’s our dream come true. We will aim, throughout the year, to provide a radio service that meets the needs of the local community for news, information, discussion and debate and also entertainment through drama, comedy and, not least, music. 10Radio is and will remain entirely for and by the people of the Ten Parishes."

Since it started, 10Radio has worked closely with Kingsmead Community School. Pupils have presented a daily lunchtime show talking about life in the school and interviewing teachers while an ‘After School Show’ gave pupils free range to play music and discuss issues of topical interest. With the permanent licence 10Radio will be able to work with Kingsmead to greatly develop the potential of radio in the curriculum.

Geoff Tinker, Headteacher at Kingsmead Community School said "Fantastic news! Really looking forward to working with 10 Radio over the next 5 years. It will enhance the school curriculum and significantly add to the opportunities available to our young people."

10Radio will also enable many people to get involved in making radio programmes that promote and discuss local issues. It will help underpin the strength of community in this rural and, for some, isolated area that lacks many of the services of larger towns and cities.

Eddie Gaines, a local resident and Director of 10Radio said "Community radio offers a level of involvement and service that mainstream media can not provide. Radio gives rural people a voice and with that we can achieve almost anything!".

10Radio now has up to two years in which to set up a permanent studio, recruit station management and undertake all other preparations for broadcasting. 10Radio will be on air 24 hours a day and live broadcasting will take place for 50 hours a week, probably on Friday to Sunday.

Also for six weeks a year, especially during the Ten Parishes Festival and Somerset Arts Week, 10Radio will broadcast seven days a week. The target is to take to the air in late 2007.

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