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Environmental Campaign for RTI

RTI, the European English/Slovak radio station has launched an Environmental Campaign where listeners can make suggestions for commercials. The best ones will be used on-air complete with a tag-line for the person who made the suggestion.

Eric Wiltsher, Director RTI, said: “We all know we should do something to help reduce global warming, but exactly what?

“Our campaign will focus on Realistic Temperature Information reduction ideas and/or ways to reduce the use of energy. For example one of the promos already being made asks how much water does it take to fill a bath twice? The RTI tag-line is, “Well save water and bath with a friend”.

“Another features the sound of a kettle boiling water and asks, “How long does it take the kettle to boil?” The RTI tag-line is, “Save water and energy by just boiling enough water for the drink you want to make." We are sure our listeners also have great energy saving tips and
therefore we will be inviting the entire RTI audience to email in with their top tips for saving energy and naturally saving themselves a great deal of money as well.”

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