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New vision for commercial radio

At the inaugural RadioCentre members' conference, RadioActive, Chief Executive Andrew Harrison has set out his vision for the future of the Commercial Radio industry, describing radio as "at the heart of convergence".

A record number of delegates representing all the major radio groups and dozens of independents heard Harrison describe 2007 as "the year we start to change, and start to fight back as we return to growth".

Citing Commercial Radio's continuing relevance and interest to young listeners (despite competition from new platforms) and its dominance of the 15-54 demographic, Harrison reminded delegates that, in reach terms alone, radio significantly beats the internet. Radio's future at the heart of convergence was, he said, attributable to its ability to perform as the perfect complementary medium, making it perfect for integrating into the multitude of new devices consumers are enjoying.

Harrison explained to delegates his five-pronged strategy for RadioCentre built around the acronym RADIO, which spells Revenue, Audience, Digital, Influence and Organisation. He revealed:

R – new strategies for the Radio Advertising Bureau

A – a visionary new industry-wide audience research project

D – the leading role which RadioCentre will take in developing a digital migration strategy for the whole Commercial Radio industry

I – RadioCentre’s plan to lead a visionary response to Ofcom’s forthcoming "Future of Radio" project

O – his ambition for RadioCentre to become the leading media industry body within three years.

Following Harrison's keynote speech, delegates also heard from Ofcom Director of Radio, Peter Davies, EMAP's Richard Park, CEO of the DRDB Ian Dickens and Ralph Bernard CEO of GCap Media.

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