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Shop FM – coming soon!

Shopping centres and theme parks could get their own radio stations under new rules released by Ofcom today. Following consultation, the broadcasting regulator has decided to relax legislation about what kinds of organisation can be granted long-term Restricted Service Licences (RSLs).

Until now only sites like hospitals, universities and army barracks have been granted permission to broadcast (usually on medium wave) for periods of up to five years. The changed guidance means commercial organisations may also be awarded long term RSLs, provided they will cover a single location.

There is a change in the rules too for short-term RSLs. 28-day consecutive broadcasts will now be permitted in areas where a full-time radio licence has been granted but not yet launched, up to one month prior to launch of the full-time station. In addition RSLs may now be allowed to commence after a new full-time station has been on air for three months.

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