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Ultimate radio review of 2006

The big 'consolidation' of the radio industry had its pause button pressed after the big mergers of 2005. Emap and SRH stations were coming together, GCap Media sold a couple of stations and lost a few managers, UTV and SMG started talking seriously, and GMG wrote a couple of big cheques for quite a few regional radio stations.

It was the year of the podcast. Podcasts were launched by The Radio Academy, Manchester Utd and Big Brother!

Sally Oldham said hello and goodbye at TLRC, Michelle McManus said hello and goodbye to Clyde 1, Chris Moyles said "hello Ma'am" to The Queen, Essex FM said goodbye then hello to James Blunt, and UKRD said a final goodbye to Stroud.

2006 was also a sad year for radio as we lost a number of great radio people including Alan Freeman, Nick Clarke and Mike Dickin.

Join us as we go month by month through the world of UK radio during 2006, and bring you a few interesting and exclusive predictions for 2007.

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Happy New Year from all at RadioToday.co.uk and we hope to serve you even more in 2007.

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