45 million are listening

RAJAR results released this morning show a record high of just over 45 million people, or 90% of the UK population, tuned in to their radios each week in the last quarter of 2006. This is the highest number of listeners ever recorded since RAJAR began its weekly survey in 1992.

The Digitally Enabled Universe – defined as those people who have access to a DAB receiver or have ever listened to the radio via DTV (digital television) or Internet — has increased from 54% in Quarter 3, 2006 to 55% this Quarter (Q4, 2006). 16% of the UK population now live in homes which have a digital radio, up a substantial 44% when compared to Q4, 2005 of 11%.

Radio listening via DTV (digital television) and the Internet: Listening to the radio via DTV and the Internet are up by 9% and 10% respectively year on year; and listening via these media has remained stable during the last quarter of 2006 with DTV listening now standing at 39% and Internet listening at 22%.

Radio listening via mobile phone: RAJAR research released today also reveals that 7.8% of the UK adult population (aged 15+) listens to the radio via mobile phones, up 24% year on year (6.3% in Q4, 2005). In addition, a quarter of 15-24 year old (1.6 million) mobile phone owners listen to the radio in this way.

Radio listening via podcast: Listening to downloaded radio programme podcasts also continues to grow. RAJAR research, this quarter, shows that 2.1 million adults (17% of mp3 player owners) now use their mp3 player to listen to podcasts. This is a rise of 15%, from 15.2% in Q3 to 17.4% in Q4, 2006.

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