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Carnival FM in Licence Breach

Manchester RSL station Carnival FM had a complaint made against it for broadcasting a song which allegedly contains homophobic lyrics. When Ofcom asked for a copy of the output, the station was unable to provide it due to problems with its logging system.

A listener complained that the song Boom Bye Bye by Buju Banton, which contains allegedly homophobic lyrics and which the complainant alleged is “banned” from most playlists, was played. As a result, Ofcom was unable to deal with the complaint, and found the station in breach of Condition 8 of its Licence (Retention and production of recordings).

It is a condition of a radio broadcaster’s licence that recordings of its output are retained for 42 days after transmission, and provides Ofcom with any material on request. Failure to supply the recording from the RSL on 24 July 2006 was, Ofcom said, a serious and significant breach of Carnival FM’s licence and that this incident will be held on record.

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