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GCap signs with Trafficmaster

GCap Media has signed a new deal which will see travel news from Trafficmaster featured on all 37 stations owned by GCap. The deal replaces a previous contract with TrafficLink as the main provider of traffic information.

Trafficmaster's network comprises 7,500 sensor sites across the UK, covering 8,000 miles of Britain's motorways and A-roads. Peak-time travel bulletins across the GCap network will feature up-to-the-minute local information directly from Trafficmaster's UK Control Centre, in Cranfield Bedfordshire.

GCap Media's Hugh Broom, travel news reporter on Capital FM, said: "Up to date information across our stations could make the difference between sitting in that jam and avoiding it. Trafficmaster travel news will be critical to keeping our listeners moving."

Craig Blount, Director of Trafficmaster Services, said: "Our aim is to give drivers the best possible travel information, wherever they are. Like our network, GCap covers the whole UK, so motorists can make use of Trafficmaster news, wherever they are."

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