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Mixing It ends after 16 years

Experimental music programme [i]Mixing It[/i] has ended after over sixteen years on BBC Radio 3. The programme showcased independent, and particularly electronic, music. The axing of Mixing It comes as Radio 3 makes several wholesale changes to its schedule, including a reduction in live music programming.

The final programme was broadcast last night. In a [url=http://web.mac.com/mjrussell2/iWeb/Site/Mixing%20It.html]posting[/url] on his website, former presenter Mark Russell expressed his dismay at the ending of the show and explained how the news was broken:

[i]"Last November Roger Wright (Controller Of Radio 3) took Robert & I into the DG’s office at Broadcasting House in London for a short meeting (5 minutes max). His exact words were, and i remember them vividly because they puzzled me briefly, ‘I’m giving Mixing It a break and I have no plans to bring it back’. He offered no explanation other than to say it didn’t fit into his new schedule. He said he wanted Mixing It to fade away quietly – no publicity or big fanfares – he wanted his new schedule to get all that."[/i]

It is reported that the programme may find a new home on London artistic community station Resonance FM.

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