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Edinburgh talk station talk107 is making a steady climb in both reach and hours, according to the latest audience figures released today. Weekly reach is up 1 per cent to 34,000 listeners per week whilst audience share increases from 0.4 per cent to 0.7 per cent.

Peter Gillespie, Managing Director of talk107 said, “This is another strong performance with an increase of 11,000 in weekly reach and a very strong increase of 70% in total hours listened every week. In a period where we had no marketing and made a few changes, we are pleased to have achieved a second consecutive quarter of strong growth.

‘Word of mouth’ has grown the number of people tuning in and the other key sign is that those listening are tuning in for longer every week. Our weekly audience has now more than doubled in the last two RAJAR surveys and ‘total hours’ listened every week has more than tripled in the same period.

With a revised presenter line-up completed in December last year and exciting plans for our next phase of marketing about to commence, we are looking forward to continuing the trend in the next few months.”

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