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RSL helped Laser win licence

Ofcom has released details of why Laser Broadcasting won the recent licence in Herefordshire and Monmouthshire. The regulator was impressed by Laser's track record of running similar stations in the area, and experience of running an RSL in each of Hereford and Monmouth.

A board which contained a number of local people also helped, along with the ability to share their resources with closely neighbouring services Sunshine 855 and Classic Hits.

Ofcom's Radio Licensing Committee noted that Laser proposed a simple and readily enforceable Format, which was unambiguous and consistently reflected the applicant's programming philosophy. In terms of speech content, a distinguishing feature of the Format was the inclusion of commitments to the provision of local news in peak times, including two extended bulletins, and regular local information. Taken together with a commitment to provide a broad mix of music which includes album tracks, and the relevant local and operational experience outlined above, the RLC considered that HMCH would be well-placed both to cater to local tastes and interests and to broaden audience choice.

One other application for the licence came from Town and Country Broadcasting, who proposed two seperate services. Given that Ofcom think providing just 12 hours a day of local programming is all an area of this size could manage, it is understandable why T&C's plans did not win them this particular licence.

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