Radio Norwich not for sale

According to a report in the Telegraph newspaper, Tindle are looking to sell their radio assets and scale down the size of the media empire owned by Sir Ray Tindle. But can now confirm no serious discussions have taken place, and Sir Ray is not looking for buyers.

But Chief Executive of Tindle Radio Kevin Stewart told us that Sir Ray has been approached by Johnston Press about a potential partnership to take the group forward, but no serious discussions about a buy-out has taken place.

It is then though Johnston, the 2nd biggest local newspaper publisher in the UK, started to talk openly about wanting to move into radio, and making a move for radio assets owned by Tindle.

In a statement printed by The Telegraph, Sir Ray says: "This year I shall have completed 60 years in local newspapers, 33 years in local radio and three years as a soldier in World War II. With any luck I've 10 or 20 years still to go but, with your permission, I should like to ease off a little during 2007."

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