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Speculation Emap will sell

More news has emerged today suggesting the break-up of Emap's radio division. The Scotsman reports private equity buyers are looking to take-over certain parts of the business, whilst the Sunday Business Post says Irish stations owned by the company could be sold to UTV.

Emap recenty cut 'around 40' jobs in radio stations around the UK, and is currently axing around 400 jobs is a massive organisation restructure, according to reports. The company has issued a number of profit warnings recently and is due to release a trading statement this week.


[link=http://business.scotsman.com/media.cfm?id=461542007]Emap is sized up by private equity buyers[/link] (Scotsman)
[link=http://www.sbpost.ie/post/pages/p/story.aspx-qqqt=IRELAND-qqqm=news-qqqid=22181-qqqx=1.asp]Today FM, FM104 to go up for sale[/link] (Sunday Business Post)

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