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Virgin Radio offers Kudos

The rather impressive* website for Virgin Radio is getting even more interactive by offering a service called Kudos – a unique online community feature which aims to increase the amount of surfing current users do within the site, and to encourage new visitors to stay longer.

It's a bit like a loyality card – the more points the user gets, the better their status and rewards. The website says: "Kudos is our way of rewarding you for interacting with the website, and other VIPs. The more you do, the more Kudos you earn… think of it as our currency for cool-ness."

James Cridland, Digital Director at Virgin Radio likes it: “Surfing the internet is similar to radio listening as it’s an experience that can bring millions of people together as part of a larger community. Kudos is a result of everything that’s great and interactive about music, radio and the net. We’re bringing people together through the music they love and encouraging them to spend more time as a community at [link=http://www.virginradio.co.uk]virginradio.co.uk[/link].”

*in our opinion, of course.

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