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Engineer ran pirate station

Ofcom has raided a pirate radio station in Sussex which was set up simply to relay the broadcasts of a French radio station to the locals. But residents are now upset because Ofcom have confiscated the transmitter of the man, thought to be a former radio engineer.

Paris based Fip had been transmitted on 98.5 and 91FM for a decade, according to a report in The Argus. A spokesman from Ofcom told the local newspaper: "We raided the station but we cannot go into the reasons why we did that. They were known to us before the raid. We also seized equipment but again we cannot go into what was taken."

Apparently, people moved houses just so they could pick up the station, which had led to a property boom in certain areas.

Read the article for yourself [link=http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/localnews/display.var.1313165.0.au_revoir_to_french_radio_in_sussex.php]here[/link].

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