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BBC Merseyside paints the city

BBC Radio Merseyside's launched a new marketing campaign to promote the county – by spraying graffiti-style messages on the streets of Liverpool. The "Made on Merseyside" stamp's been plastered on pavements overnight, but will fade within a couple of weeks. The idea's to highlight everything that's good about Merseyside and what lies at the heart of the radio station.

Radio Merseyside's Managing Editor Mick Ord tell us, "We wanted to make an impact. It is Radio Merseyside's 40th birthday this year, we have grown up with Merseyside and are part of the fabric of the community. We are fiercely proud of Merseyside and wanted to celebrate everything that is good about it."

Locals had their say on the campaign, which features Wayne Rooney and his fiancee Coleen McLoughlin. Iconic images of Merseyside like Red Rum, a ferry, Super Lamb Banana, a Liver bird, St George's Hall and Paul McCartney are featured in the stamps outside the Tate Gallery, St George's Hall and Liverpool Museum. The stamps are "clean graffiti" – where cleaning machines spray water onto the everyday grime on pavements, creating a "negative" or graffiti in reverse.

There's also an online game as part of the campaign – see the Radio Merseyside [link=http://www.bbc.co.uk/radiomerseyside]website[/link] for full details.

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