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Online radio player launched

RadioCentre have launched an online commercial radio player, which they hope will become a desktop standard for all those with an industry interest in UK radio. The player is also aimed at potential advertisers to sample the range of stations available around the country.

The player also features a complete database of Internet radio, with an emphasis on UK-based stations, along with a link to each station website. The RadioCentrePlayer is being launched as a trade marketing tool and showcases UK Commercial Radio whilst also opening access to over ten thousand stations from around the world, including the BBC.

Andrew Harrison, CEO, RadioCentre said: "The RadioCentrePlayer makes it easy for marketers, media agencies, city analysts and industry stakeholders to access online the full range of UK Commercial Radio stations available on the internet. Listeners can easily find, play, maintain, and share their personal interests and preferences. Although priority is given to ‘linear’ Commercial Radio – regular programming with presenters — there’s a full range of content, including podcasts and we even also facilitate listeners’ access to audio from the BBC."

The software and database for the RadioCentrePlayer has been developed by Ressen Design, a company based in the USA. Visit the new player at [link=http://www.radiocentre.org/player/]radiocentre.org/player[/link]

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