Record audience reach for BBC

Four out of five national BBC analogue radio networks have received their highest-ever reach and share of listening today. 33 and a half million are tuning in, giving the corporation a 56 per cent share of all radio listening. Even digital listening to 6 Music, 1Xtra and BBC 7 is on the up.

Here are the details, station-by-station, taken directly from the all singing all dancing BBC press office:

[b]Radio 1[/b]'s reach is up to 10.55m, from 9.73m last year and 10.26m last quarter. Share is up to 10.1%, from 9.1% last year and 9.7% last quarter.

The Chris Moyles Show has more than seven million listeners (7.06m) for the first time – adding 744,000 listeners since this time last year (6.32m).

[b]Radio 2[/b] has 13.25 million listeners — up on the year (12.94m) and steady on the quarter (13.27m). Share, at 15.8%, is slightly down on the year (16.0%) but the same as last quarter (15.8%).

[b]Radio 3[/b]’s reach is 1.90 million — slightly down on both quarter (2.03m) and year (2.10m). Share (1.2%) is marginally down on the year (1.3%) and the quarter (1.4%).

[b]Radio 4[/b] has 9.64 million listeners — up on the year (9.29m) and the quarter (9.34m). The station has a record share of listening at 12.2% – up from 11.1% last quarter and 11.7% last year.

[b]Radio Five Live[/b] (which records a combined reach with its digital service Five Live Sports Extra) has a reach of 5.97 million, up from 5.92m last quarter but down on 6.27m last year. Share is 4.3%, down from 4.5% last quarter and 4.8% last year.

BBC Local and National Radio has a reach of 10.30 million (10.26m last quarter and 10.38m last year) and share of 10.6% (10.4% last quarter and 11.1% last year).

[b]Five Live Sports Extra[/b] has 682,000 listeners — a new high for the network, up from 613,000 last year and 650,000 last quarter. Its share is 0.2%, up from 0.1% last year last quarter.

[b]BBC 6 Music[/b] has a record reach of 477,000 — up from last year’s 359,000 and 383,000 last quarter, while share is up to 0.3%, from 0.2% last year and quarter.

[b]BBC 7[/b] has also recorded its highest-ever reach of 808,000 (621,000 last year and 672,000 last quarter), while share is 0.4% – up from 0.3% last year and last quarter.

[b]1Xtra[/b] is the fourth digital network with a record reach. It has 465,000 listeners – up on the year (371,000) and the quarter (368,000). Its share (0.2%) is steady on the year (0.2%) and the quarter (0.2%).

[b]The BBC World Service [/b]has 1.39 million listeners — up from 1.26m last quarter and last year. Share is 0.7%, up from 0.6% last year and last quarter.

[b]The BBC Asian Network[/b] has 452,000 listeners — up on last year’s 427,000 but down on last quarter’s 493,000 — while share, at 0.2%, is level with last year (0.2%) but down on last quarter (0.3%).

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