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The jocks who never stopped

Two UK radio presenters each took the challenge of trying to beat the World Guinness Record for the longest running radio show last week. Micky Gavin from Kingdom FM spent 108 hours on-air, whilst Mike Russell on Time 106.6 lasted 126 hours. Both raised money for local charities.

Shortly after the event, and after a much needed sleep, Mike Russell told RadioToday.co.uk: "I am feeling surprisingly energised. It really does not feel like I haven’t slept for five days. I never once thought about stopping, but the hardest time was between 3am and 5am. My body just wanted to shut down and go to sleep. It took a lot of willpower not to give in. It has got easier as the week has gone on and as I have got closure to reaching my goal.

"Whenever I was really starting to struggle I would only have to look at all the emails and text messages to give me the boost I needed."

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Previous presenters to hold such records includes Radio 1's Simon Mayo and Metro Radio's Brian Moore in his previous life at Rock FM. More recently, Vember from Rhodes Music Radio completed over 125 hours, but has yet to have the event approved by Guinness.

The record is currently held by Stefano Venneri of Radio BBSI in Alessandria, Italy, who managed 125 hours on-air.

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