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Emap network helps quitters

Dragon’s Den star Duncan Bannatyne is calling on smokers who are planning to quit ahead of the July 1st ban to give themselves an extra incentive by supporting Emap Radio’s local children’s charities. Duncan is asking that the price of one packet of cigarettes is donated each month.

Duncan Bannatyne said: “NHS figures show 106,000 people in the UK die each year due to smoking. Once the ban comes into force the atmosphere in pubs, clubs and workplaces will be greatly enhanced and lives will be saved.

“As well as the obvious health benefits, if every smoker who is planning to quit donates the cost of just one packet of cigarettes every month to Emap Radio’s Charities, many sick and disadvantaged children across local communities will also be helped. This is less than the cost of one cigarette a day and a fraction of the amount that stopping smoking will save the average person. This small amount of money will do a great deal of good.”

Dawn Gibson (Marketing Director for Emap Radio Charities) said: “We rely on the local listeners and communities to support our charities and help us to make the lives of needy children in our areas a little bit better.

“We are so pleased that Duncan Bannatyne is supporting this new initiative and hope that many people will sign up and pledge the cost of 20 cigarettes each month to help us continue the excellent work the charities undertake every year. Of course, we would also be delighted if non-smokers give us their support and make a donation.”

The charities are linked to Emap’s Big City network across the north of England.

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