Lights out at Capital 95.8

London station Capital 95.8 has launched a new campaign called Lights out London, which aims to be the world's biggest climate change experience. This hour-long event on the longest day of the year will see Londoners "switch off" to send one huge message to the world on climate change.

Celebrities, famous landmarks and businesses will join ordinary Londoners aiming to save around 750 MWh1 of electricity in just one hour — enough to run 3000 televisions for a year.

Johnny Vaughan, Capital 95.8 Breakfast Show DJ, said: "This is something I feel very strongly about. It's amazing to think that if everyone just did one small thing, like switching off an unnecessary light, everyday, what a huge difference we'd make."

Capital 95.8 and its partners are calling on three million Londoners to switch off their non-essential lights and appliances between 9pm and 10pm on Thursday 21st June.

Mayor of London Ken Livingstone said. “I fully support the Lights out London initiative by Capital 95.8 and commend them for leading this. This campaign will bring Londoners together to demonstrate their willingness to tackle climate change. At 9pm on 21st June, I will be making sure that none of City Hall's non-essential lights and appliances are on. I hope Londoners will join me in showing each other — and the world — that we care about climate change."

Jamelia is getting in on the act too: "I'm proud to support Capital 95.8's Lights out London campaign. My husband Darren is very green and has been encouraging me to turn the lights out and make sure the TV's not on standby. It's only really small things, but they can make such a difference. It's a way of life at home now and I feel that if we all do a little something, together we'll make a big difference."

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