UBC launches ‘Cliq’ downloads

UBC Media are set to invest £1.6m in 'Cliq' – the name of the company's new digital music download service. UBC, along with Pure Digital and Imagination Technologies will mass-produce DAB Digital Radio sets with a 'buy now' button, connected to a dedicated data channel for music downloads.

The new service is now broadcasting in London, with a national launch expected before the end of the year. Trials in Ireland and with other European countries are expected to follow. The digital download service currently operates on the 'Lobster' digital radio mobile phone available from Virgin Mobile.

In addition to the Lobster, UBC is developing an application that will display the Cliq service on any mobile phone with 'Java' capability. 85% of mobile phones in the UK are capable of running Java and this application will mean that the growing number of people who listen to FM radio on mobile phones will be able to call up a track listing for their favourite radio stations and buy songs as they are played.

UBC has put in place the technical infrastructure as well as agreements with major record companies and radio groups to enable the service in the UK.

Commenting on the new deal, Simon Cole, Chief Executive of UBC said: "Having the ability to market the service on both an in-home and a mobile device from launch, with the leading digital radio hardware supplier on board, I believe is a very strong proposition. Having already secured the backing of all the major radio groups and record companies I believe we have reached a point of critical mass, and a situation where the astute players in the industry want to be involved in something which is going to change the way the consumer utilises the radio.'

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