4 Digital confirms radio plans

Just an hour after winning the new national DAB digital radio multiplex licence, Channel 4 have confirmed their plans to launch three new 4-branded national digital radio stations. From July 2008, E4 Radio, Channel 4 Radio and Pure4 will occupy three of the 10 new digital slots.

Andy Duncan, Chief Executive of Channel 4 said: “Winning this licence is a significant strategic milestone for Channel 4 and we are incredibly excited by the opportunity it represents. It gives us a platform to extend our innovative and highly diverse public service contribution into radio, challenging the BBC’s dominance of the medium, opening up new revenue streams to support our broader public service role and giving our audience access to Channel 4’s unique content on another fast-developing digital platform.”

Nathalie Schwarz, Channel 4’s Director of Radio who led 4 Digital Group’s successful DAB bid, added: “The prospect of launching three brand-new national stations and extending Channel 4’s spirit of innovation and risk taking into radio is an inspiring one. We genuinely believe Channel 4 can add a fresh perspective to radio in the UK while extending choice for listeners and working with our partners to promote the medium and drive consumer take-up.”

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