Controversial year for Radio 1

Radio 1 has given the BBC a controversial year, according to the first Annual Report of the BBC Trust for the 12-month period ending March 31st. Presenters Chris Moyles and Scott Mills are most to blame after an Ofcom rulings against the duo for separate incidents.

Chris attracted numerous complains for offensive behaviour, including naming women who urinate in the shower “dirty whores” and accidentally saying the word “fucking” whilst talking to a listener live on-air. Scott got in to serious trouble after broadcasting a controversial wind-up call.

[blockquote][b]BBC Radio is strong and successful overall, but has not been without controversy in the year with Ofcom ruling against two presenters for offensive language and the emergence of talent costs as a concern to the public and to commercial operators. We will be looking further at talent costs during the coming year. [/b][/blockquote]

The report also finds that young people in particular are turning away from television and radio at they consume other forms of entertainment, and cites the corporations online service as one of its great success stories for all age groups.

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