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Deep pockets at Channel 4 Radio

Tuesday is always the big day of the Festival, and what did we learn from this year's sessions? Quite a lot, actually. Danny Baker doesn't have a contract with the BBC, Vanessa Feltz likes to swear, Jamie Theakson's idea of multi-platforms is to get some theatre work, and Five Live's Fighting Talk should have John Myers and Nick Ferrari on it more often!

But let's highlight a couple of the really good sessions before we talk about the important stuff – such as the festival bar.

The highlight of the morning was a news session led by Jon Snow, with guests from Radio 1, Real Radio and Radio Wales. They were discussing how to cover a breaking news event, something that struck a chord with the audience following on from the recent terrorist events. The guests spoke wisely, and we all applauded as the session ended with a video of Jon Snow skateboarding to his next news exclusive. Surreal but fun.

We were then treated to a session that compared football managers to radio managers. We learnt from Graham Taylor that the talent management side of things is similar, as is the players/presenters earning more than their bosses. We also learnt that Moz Dee wasn't allowed to kick a football into the crowd for health and safety reasons. A crowd who were, I should add, treated to excellent sound and vision this year (provided by BBC Events) – a vast improvement on last year.

Lunch was… well… lunch. And the afternoon included sessions about the newest DAB technology (bitrate debates here we come!) and a chance to watch DJ Spoony ask the wrong questions to Vanessa Feltz, Jamie Theakston and Martha Kearney. The guests were interesting, even if they didn't always seem to understand the question. Although you can't blame Jamie Theakston for not wanting to explain to us the failings of Johnny Vaughan's show!

As for our live rendition of Fighting Talk? It was excellent. Colin Murray presented, with a panel of people who weren't expecting to be on it. Last minute fill-ins included Jon Holmes and John Myers, none of whom let the room down. Hearing John Myers have to try and defend the idea of Terry Wogan being kidnapped in Gaza, and Nick Ferrari explain that the Sony awards are purely so Trevor Dann can get a free widescreen TV were worth the entry fee alone.

But the bars… well you know the rule, what happens in Cambridge stays in Cambridge. So I can't tell you about the broken microphone when the Academy's lovely Lucy was recognised for her hard work, or which PDs seemed to be in very interesting (and rather animated) conversations. Or the incredibly long queue into the 4Digital drinks to celebrate their recent multiplex win. Credit to Channel 4 though, the bar tab continued through to the end of the evening!

So if anyone survives all of that and still makes it to Wednesday's breakfast (and viewing of the hilarious Get Your Act Together which looks at Big L) then they should get a medal. Or a can of Red Bull.

More after the final morning!….

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