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Dream 107.7 cuts local hours

Dream 107.7 has gained Ofcom approval to change its Format to reduce the requirements for locally made programming weekdays to from 24 to 18 hours daily and at weekends to 10 hours per day. The Tindle station has also requested changes to their news output.

David Rees, regional programme controller says the proposed change will not substantially alter the character of the service.

[blockquote]The radio station currently plays back to back music. During non-split hours the simulcast service will include local content relevant to the Dream 107.7 area. The change for listeners will be that Dream 107.7 can in future relay presented programmes from another site, or retain it’s current automated music service. News bulletins will remain local and run peak hours, however regional and national news will run in any simulcast hours.

Dream 107.7 currently runs extended News bulletins including Local, regional and national stories, money & sport at 1pm & 6pm, and we would be happy to continue with this commitment, with the option to keep these bulletins extended up to 10 minutes in duration.[/blockquote]

Also, instead of a daily weekday news hour, more speech would be broadcast between 10am and 12pm.

Ofcom approved the changes saying: "The reduction in local hours will also facilitate live regionalised networking where currently
there is an automated music service. Similarly, the obligation to deliver the daily one hour weekday news magazine feature as a two hour music and speech programme, with a specific requirement for local topics and local guests, should ensure a local focus is maintained. It is felt that, overall, the request would not bring about a significant change to Dream 107.7’s Character of Service and it is therefore agreed."

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