Format change for Smooth NW

GMG Radio are seeking a Format change for Smooth Radio in the northwest to bring it more in line with its sister stations around the country. Whilst the station would continue to play jazz, soul, blues and R&B, they are requesting the addition of easy listening music across the output.

The Format change seems an odd request for a station which is currently the most listened to station in the area, having doubled its audience to over 600,000 listeners in three years. The change is a minor request to extend a current three hour period of easy listening music to the rest of the output, and wants to appeal to over 50 year olds.

The proposed Format would read: "an easy listening station featuring easy listening music including jazz, soul, blues and R&B targeting an audience aged 50 plus.” from the current "a station targeted at North-West listeners of all ages who particularly like jazz, soul, blues and R’n’B”

GMG Radio is proposing to retain the 45 hours of specialist jazz programmes it currently broadcasts outside of daytime. The company makes a good case for the change, pointing out that all other commercial stations in the area target under 50 year olds. They also commit to increase the daily number of locally-made programmes from seven to 13 hours, and 13 news bulletins per day instead of the currently required six.

Ofcom invites written views and comments on the Format change request to be made by 5pm on 23 August 2007.

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