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GMG looking for new ideas

GMG Radio is putting aside £1million to invest in new programming ideas for its radio stations around the UK. The investment in content is aimed at a range of independent producers and Internet programme providers who wish to submit proposals for commission, in a bid by GMG to stimulate new creativity.

The broadcaster, one of the largest in the UK, is hoping to compete against broadcasters like BBC Radio 2 for new commissions and programming ideas. “Whether it’s music, documentaries, comedy or sport, we will consider all innovative ideas that fit across our formats,” said GMG Radio Chief Executive John Myers. “This is the most significant programming investment in recent years, enabling us to enhance our output and deliver more compelling content.”

“There is no reason why the BBC should take all the best ideas. The unique ownership structure of GMG is one of the main reasons we are able to deliver this level of investment outside of our normal programming needs”.

The independents are happy with the new investment, as Simon Cole, Chief Executive of UBC Media, said: "It’s very welcome news that GMG has taken the lead in making a commitment to the independent production sector on behalf of commercial radio. As a company involved in the provision of programming to both the BBC and commercial radio, we understand that in commissioning quality programming 'you get what you pay for'. Independent productions were responsible for almost a quarter of the 110 Sony nominations and 6 out of the BBC's 20 Gold Awards this year so GMG can be very confident that this move will lead to some quality programming."

Potential programme suppliers should contact GMG Radio directly either through CEO John Myers or through John Simons, Programme Director of GMG Radio.

GMG Radio owns Real Radio, Century FM, Smooth Radio and Rock Radio.

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