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Heat to relaunch without ads

Emap's all digital station heat radio is re-launching in September with a music and celebrity gossip format – and sponsorship, promotions and ad-funded programming instead of spot advertising. It will have an exclusive club of up to five VIP clients from launch.

Clients will be offered a bespoke advertising package with the emphasis on relationship-building via sponsorship rather than the traditional “telling and selling” model.

Karen Stacey, Emap Advertising’s Director of Interactive and Radio sales, said: “Historically we have not differentiated between our magazine branded radio stations and have sold them collectively as ‘digital radio’ alongside our analogue heritage stations.

Emap says heat radio will be a [i]predominantly music-based station which will keep the listener totally up to speed on celebrity info as it happens with live breaking news; heat listeners reporting in their “spotteds”; celebrity takeover shows; user generated content; live events and so much more.[/i]

Andria Vidler, MD of Magic 105.4, has been leading the heat radio team: "We began with a new way of looking at our brands and how we could collaborate better across the different parts of Emap. So why not start with one of the biggest — heat?

Heat launched in 2003 and has been an automated jukebox ever since. However, a new studio is currently being built at Emap HQ in London to help in house producers and journalists create custom content. Emap are also looking at extending the station on to more multiplexes across the UK.

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