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How low can Heart go?

Chrysalis' Heart stations are joining forces with Million 2-1 – the company which provides interactive competitions, lottery and SMS games for UTV and other radio groups around the UK to bring the HowLo lowest unique bid auction game to London and the Midlands.

To win a prize, listeners respond to regular radio reads from Heart presenters to enter the lowest unique bid for an item via SMS. Bidders that are too high or not unique will be told so and prompted with tips via text message to have another go. The winner will be the person with the lowest unique bid at the end of the auction, which is a pre-defined time.

Mark Browning, Programme Director, Heart 106.2, said: “This new feature adds to the station’s variety and will be a fun way for listeners to interact with Heart.”

Scott Davies, director, Million 2-1 said: “Heart Radio supplies its audience with an eclectic mix of music and entertainment. Adding HowLo? to this mix will provide its listeners with a fun and dynamic way of interacting with their favourite radio programmes and the opportunity to win a great prize for a low stake.

“Premium rate SMS games and interactivity play an increasingly important role in radio, adding a lucrative revenue stream that contributes directly to a station’s bottom line. Heart implicitly understands the commercial and entertainment potential of HowLo?”

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