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Lottery balls for Radio Scilly

The new radio station for the Isles of Scilly is to launch on September 3rd, and has been licensed by the islands' council to run a weekly lottery draw. Money raised will fund Radio Scilly's volunteer training programmes and will offer annual grants to established islands-based organisations.

The weekly computerised draw will be overseen by an independent witness and will be broadcast live on Radio Scilly each Monday at noon. Each week, someone will win at least £1,000 for their £1 membership. 2000 people, both the islands and the UK mainland, will enter the weekly draw through a standing order set up at their bank.

Zoe Parry, Radio Scilly's community director, says this funding will enable Radio Scilly's team to help many islanders develop new skills. "I've spent
the last fortnight recruiting volunteers who want to present programmes or gain media and multimedia experience with Radio Scilly. There are only 1800 adults on the islands and we’ve signed up 67 trainee presenters already. That’s an impressive level of interest even before we start our partnership with the school," she said.

Managing Director, Keri Jones, got the idea for the lottery from a similar venture in Pembrokeshire, where he set up and managed the commercial radio station between 2000 and 2006.

He said “ We’re determined to make Radio Scilly the role model for good, rural community radio. We’ll offer a high level of training and skills development to ensure that our listeners, volunteers and supporters benefit from our project. When there’s only one baker and newsagent in your market they don’t have a massive need to advertise so we’re going to be innovative in generating income. The lottery will be the first of many creative ideas that will help us achieve our goal of funding of 5 full-time staff positions and 100 volunteer trainees.”

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