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Monthly radio e-zine launched

Production company Blue Revolution has launched an e-zine for the radio industry. The monthly publication will feature articles from industry consultants, experts and strategists, with content specifically targeted for radio programmers, producers and sales execs.

Paul Hollins, Blue Revolution's Managing Director says it won't be a glorified sales pitch, but will be an additional tool for programmers, producers and sales departments: "The idea for the e-Zine is to deliver informative and compelling content from some of radio's most advanced thinkers, each month."

The first edition features articles on Achieving A Consistent Station Sound, A Report From This Year's New York Radio Festival and a competition to win a complete set of Blue Revolution's 'Showbiz Central Artist Drops' CDs.

The Blue Revolution e-Zine will be delivered each month via email as a pdf file, and the first edition is now available via [link=http://www.bluerevolution.com]bluerevolution.com[/link]

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