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Morning changes at Merseyside

Tony Snell is to take over BBC Radio Merseyside's breakfast show, following the recent departure of Simon O'Brien. Tony switches from mid-mornings and will start the new show at the end of August – on Liverpool's 800th birthday. O'Brien quit last month after a recording of him swearing was broadcast by mistake.

Snell's been at Radio Merseyside almost 10 years. He's a former milkman and bricklayer who fulfilled his boyhood ambition of working in front of the microphone. His current producer Claire Minter also moves onto breakfast.

Tony told RadioToday.co.uk, "I'm very excited and a little scared when I think of the incredible broadcasters over the years who have presented the flagship Breakfast Show. I feel very privileged and I keep thinking someone will suss me out soon and say, 'who let you in here?' There is a great team here at the BBC and the loyalty of the listeners never ceases to bowl me over.

"I gave up Breakfast radio ten years ago to start a family. The kids are a bit older now so they don't wake up four times a night. Getting up at silly o'clock won't be a problem, in fact, it's the best time of the day".

BBC Radio Merseyside's Acting Managing Editor Phil Roberts said, "Tony is one of Merseyside's best known broadcasters. His natural style and his sense of humour will provide the perfect start to the day. Tony has many ideas about how to bring our audience's stories alive on air and I can't wait for him to start!"

There's no word yet on who'll take over mid-mornings. Tony starts the new 6-10am show on August 28th.

Click [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/news.php?extend.2110]here [/link]to read our story about Simon O'Brien's departure last month.

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